Continuing Education Program


Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education Committee is looking forward to working with the IUTOX and other societies to offer quality learning opportunities intended to provide fundamental concepts and knowledge of toxicology and present information that can serve as a foundation upon which to improve human and environmental health in countries with both robust and developing research and regulatory enterprises. These courses will reflect the balance of interests of different countries and world regions.

As you develop your proposal, please carefully note the distinguishing characteristics of symposia and CE courses. Symposia focus on cutting-edge science, recent study results, and controversial topics, while CE courses are designed to provide a foundation of knowledge about widely accepted concepts, standard practices, and established areas of toxicology or related disciplines. Each CE course is anticipated to be 150 minutes in length and include four speakers. All proposals submitted before the deadline will be reviewed by the Continuing Education Committee, and the courses accepted for the Continuing Education Program of ICTXV will be announced at the SOT Annual Meeting in March 2018.


Continuing Education Courses

Applications of Chemical Risk Assessment in Establishing Food Safety Standards
Big Data Analytics in the Era of the 21st Century of Toxicology
Epigenetics and Toxicology: Overview and Advances in Methodology
Immunotoxicology Hazard Identification Using Novel In Vitro Methods
New Risk Assessment Approaches for Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
Recent Developments in Adult and Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing for Regulatory Assessment
Understanding Translational Biomarkers: Science and Qualification
What Is an Adverse Effect for Human Health: Defining Adversity in Risk/Safety Assessments

ICTXV Continuing Education Committee

  • William Slikker, ICTXV Chair, (USA)
  • Peter Goering, ICTXV Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair and Chair of the Continuing Education Committee, (USA)
  • Dori Germolec, Co-Chair of the Continuing Education Committee (USA)
  • Syed Ali (USA)
  • Luz Maria del Razo (Mexico)
  • Na Guan (China)
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Martin (UK)
  • Orish Orisakwe (Nigeria)
  • Dieter Schrenk (Germany)
  • Takeki Uehara (Japan)
  • Vishal Vaidya (USA)
  • Maria Lucia Zaidan Dagli (Brazil)

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