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SOT is the host of the 2019 ICT Meeting.

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We regret that SOT Headquarters is not staffed to provide responses to inquiries about specific medical conditions or treatments.

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For general inquiries, telephone 703.438.3115 or email SOT Headquarters.
For teacher and student inquiries, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1430 or email Betty Eidemiller.
For the press and media inquiries, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1640 or email Michelle Werts.
To learn about the Housing Options, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1424 or email Heidi Prange.
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To learn about Exhibit Opportunities, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1403 or email Laura Helm.

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ICTXV Meeting

Join us in Hawaii 2019

July 15–18, 2019
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Contact us: +1.703.438.3115