Scientific Program

Scientific Program

Access Deadlines and Details on Proposal Submission

The theme of this meeting, to ensure relevance and interest to the worldwide community of toxicologists and environmental health scientists, is “Toxicology Solutions for Global Public, Environmental, and Personal Health.”

The Scientific Program Committee is looking forward to working with the IUTOX and other societies to create an inclusive and diverse program that highlights excellence in science and practice of toxicology around the Globe. We will ensure the balance of interests of different countries and world regions. It is imperative that attendees feel that scientific sessions and continuing education courses are informative, inspiring and present strategies that can be implemented to improve human and environmental health in countries with both robust and developing research and regulatory enterprises. We wish to serve as a global forum for the exchange of ideas that can create impacts at all time scales, create lasting partnerships, and lead to measurable elevation of the competency of toxicologists globally. Each symposium session is anticipated to be 120 minutes in length and include four speakers. All proposals submitted before the deadline will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee, and the sessions accepted for the Scientific Program of ICTXV will be announced at the SOT Annual Meeting in March 2018.


Scientific Program Committee for ICTXV

  • William Slikker (USA) – ICTXV Chair
  • Ivan Rusyn (USA) – ICTXV Scientific Program Committee Chair
  • Peter N. Di Marco (Australia) – ICTXV Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair and IUTOX President-Elect
  • Peter Goering (USA) – ICTXV Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair and Chair of the Continuing Education Committee
  • Silvia Barros (Brazil)
  • A. Nurşen Başaran (Turkey)
  • Emanuela Corsini (Italy)
  • Claude Emond (Canada)
  • Lijie Fu (China)
  • Mary Gulumian (South Africa)
  • Keon Wook Kang (Republic of Korea)
  • Yoshito Kumagai (Japan)
  • Ofelia Olivero (USA)
  • Betzabet Quintanilla Vega (Mexico)
  • M. Wahajuddin (India)

Scientific Program Topics

Possible Scientific Program Topics may include:

Alternative Toxicology
Biotransformation and TK
Clinical Toxicology
Comparative Toxicology
Environmental Toxicology
Microbiome and Toxicological Implications
Precision Medicine
Predictive Tox

Preventive Toxicology
Regulatory Tox Issues
Stem Cells
Teratogenesis and Teratogens
Toxicology and Economic Issues
Toxic Genomics
Translatable Biomarkers
World Trade and Toxicological Concerns

ICTXV Meeting

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